Local Communities Manual

Unsure how to expand your business in your region?

Want to form lasting and impactful business connections?

Then EYR can help.

Our EYR manual provides a hands-on approach for organisations supporting young entrepreneurs in tourism. It encourages the set up of local networks of businesses and organisations who are supporting inclusive and sustainable tourism, making the region itself more attractive and sustainable.

As young entrepreneurs, networking is an important tool, insuring the growth and development of a business. Our manual aims to not only increase the knowledge of micro-tourism enterprises to fully recognise, develop and capitalise on the potential and preservation of inclusive and sustainable heritage, but also strengthen the communication capacity of all the individual enterprises involved in each region.

Providing a step-by-step guide, the manual lays out clearly the stages in which young entrepreneurs and small businesses should take to grow their network.

Step 1 highlights the importance of establishing the current scale and scope of your network, to determine a starting point.

Step 2 encourages the visual representation of your network to have a clear overview of your entire network infrastructure and connections.

Step 3 lays out ways in which you can build, manage, and maintain your network.

Step 4 supports you in bolstering your networking soft skills, leading to more effective communication.